Babies by the book

My Baby Curriculum

It seems as though we spend our whole lives studying—for quizzes and tests, to graduate, to get into college, to go to grad school. Then, once in the workplace we spend time in training to learn the job, learn new technologies, and in some cases even to learn how to get along with others!

So in prepping for motherhood, I was shocked to find there was no curriculum. I panicked! What do I need to know? What books do I have to read to understand perhaps the most important “subject” of my life? Are there continuing ed classes I can take as the subject evolves over the years?  I knew for sure there would be tests and I was terrified that I wouldn’t pass.

Now, after having passed a grade or two in the subject of parenthood, I’ve decided to write my own curriculum.

You can be like most students I know and dive in head first, diligently complete your homework, and cram for every possible test, or you can leisurely listen, stealing lessons here and there. Sometimes I’ll suggest reading materials (like in my very next post). Sometimes I’ll assign homework. And of course there will be field trips (e.g., when your child is teething, call baby sitter, head to nearest bar and drink; repeat as needed until tooth arrives).

I am sure you will all pass with flying colors and, if not, much like college, you will at least have fun joining my “sorority” of moms.