Not Yet

My mornings sound something like this: “Let’s get changed Emma! Let’s go potty Emma! Let’s brush your teeth Emma!” You get the idea. I am a go, go, go person and most days my husband and I are amused by how much Emma is like me in this regard. She hardly ever sits still.

So the other morning as she sat quietly turning the pages of a book, I said “Emma let’s have breakfast” and she looked up at me from her book with the most serious expression and said “Not yet”. I froze for a moment not only because she typically bounds to the kitchen at the mention of food, but also because she was right. We don’t need to run through this list every morning at warp speed (well, I guess I technically do because I have to get to work), but so what if we stray a day here and there.

Everyone has mornings where it takes more time to dust the cobwebs off…even two year olds. So if Emma doesn’t want breakfast yet, I’ll sit and read with her, stroke her hair and savor the quiet moment of stillness. Because there will be a point when she is rushing out the door and I’ll be longing for the two year old whose whole life was just these surroundings.

The only lesson today is to take a study break and don’t do everything on your to do list…at least not yet.