Confessions of a Kid-aholic

I do some pretty crazy things in the face of the obsession I feel for my child. Anyone who knows me may be shocked by my confessions, mainly because pre-child I was one of the most cynical people — not believing how much having a baby utterly changes the way you love.

But it does transform you immeasurably, and so I felt it was important to share some of the ridiculous things I’ve done just because I adore Emma so much (and if she ever ends up in therapy she can bring this list to help explain herself).

My confessions:

1) I didn’t drop her crib to the lowest level for an inappropriate amount of time because I was sad I couldn’t lean over and kiss her head once she’d fallen asleep. I still do it, but I have to kiss my hand and place it on her head. It’s just not the same, but at least she’s safe.

2) Nights when I get home late I may do the above in a loud manner and plant the hand kiss extra firm. I know the rule about never waking a sleeping baby, but sometimes I just really miss her!

2) I pretend to be sick with a “case of the kisses”. I cough and carry on and tell her the only cure is to kiss her a million times. She thinks this is hilarious and it allows me to plant tons and tons of kisses without her running away.

3) I cried when she grew out of the Snap and Go stroller because when I went for walks we could no longer stare at each other.

4) I think her head is the best smelling thing in the world. The other day she said, “’Why does mommy sniff me?” I swear I didn’t even realize my nose was embedded in her hair.

5) We record a “happy birthday video” of her on the same day every month (at precisely the time she was born). I have no idea why, and quite frankly remembering to do it causes more angst than it’s probably worth.

Enough said. So please moms and dads, tell me some crazy things you do in tribute to your munchkins in the comments below.